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Reiki ENERGY Healing

Reiki Healing Chester | Reiki (Pronounced Ray Key and meaning universal life force) is a natural healing energy activated by the practitioner. It works on every level of the mind body and spirit and promotes the body’s regenerative self healing ability.


Reiki Healing ChesterReiki healing is channelled through the practitioner’s hands and into the clients’ body by the laying on of hands, or if the client prefers, the hands can be held an inch or so above the body. You just lie back, relax and receive the energy.  Reiki treats holistically and can be used alongside conventional medicine/medication, expanding treatment options.

Sam Blaney | Reiki Healing Chester, Cheshire

Reiki is not however an alternative to conventional medicine, always consult your GP about acute infections and problems. Originating in Japan, Reiki is now widely used in the Western world. Eastern medicine has always worked with this energy which flows through all living things and is vital to well being, known as ‘chi’ in China and ‘prana’ in India. Acupuncture, Tai chi and Yoga are also based on the free flow of this energy in a person. Reiki promotes a calm, peaceful sense of well being, healing problems on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. Encouraging greater inner harmony and balance, regular Reiki treatments may promote a calmer response to life’s challenges.

6 Amazing Reasons for Reiki Energy Healing:


  •  Reiki for adults can help after having surgery and on wounds, speeding up the body’s healing process. It can help with pain relief, can help the body repair itself during and after illness, can help to release emotional baggage even when held onto for many years. It is excellent for stress and anxiety relief and relaxation, promoting inner harmony and balance.  A reiki energy healing session can help to balance your energy centres / chakras and reconnect you with your higher self, assisting you on your spiritual journey.
  • Illness can be a time of great stress and Reiki can help us cope by encouraging relaxation and bring balance to both mind and emotions.
  • It is very good for pregnant women and one of the few holistic therapies safe to have during pregnancy. It helps to relieve the morning sickness stage as well as helping with the relief of aches, pains, backache, swollen feet and ankles, it may even help you to get a good nights sleep and will benefit your growing baby. It has been known to induce labour at the end of a pregnancy, so once you reach 40 weeks, give it a try. (I gave myself Reiki during both of my pregnancies and both my children were very calm babies and slept very well).
  • Reiki is excellent for Babies, helping relieve painful colic and teething. Sometimes babies can be stressed for no apparent reason, Reiki will help babies to relax and sleep.
  • Reiki for children and teenagers could help with any form of stress for example exam stress, nerves and anxiety, building confidence, growing pains and help the body repair itself after illness. 
  • Reiki is excellent for animals who maybe stressed and anxious, recovering from surgery, be unwell, injured or well and just need a treat! Animals usually respond very well to Reiki.

How may I feel during a session?

Reiki Healing Chester | PricesA session is usually carried out with the client lying down, or sitting in a comfortable and peaceful environment. There is no need to remove any clothing (maybe just shoes and coat). Reiki maybe experienced as a flow of energy, you may feel warmth, or cold, experience tingling sensations as energy passes through the body, or feel no sensations what so ever, everyone is different, you may even fall asleep. The session is carried out with no talking (a few questions will be asked before the first session) and if agreeable with the client, relaxing music can be played. Any treatment can be enhanced if you can rest for a while afterwards and drink plenty of water to aid the detoxification process. Be responsive to your body’s needs and allow the energy to continue its work in the days following the session.

How long is a session?

Sessions usually last around 1 hour depending on the individual. Children and the elderly usually only need about half an hour per session. Reiki can also be given to animals.  Some people may only need a one-off session to make a difference, however a course of regular treatments may be more effective, for example once a month to keep the stresses at bay and stay relaxed. Others may require 3 sessions in one week for example to help during or after a period of illness.


Babies and Children (under 16 years), OAP’s and Animals: £25.00 x half an hour

Adults: £35.00 x 1 hour in person session (Upton-by-Chester, UK)


These powerful sessions are carried out remotely (via distant healing), at an agreed date and time, you just lie back in the comfort of your own home, set your intention and receive.

In each session, I will work on facilitating the healing on multi-dimensional levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually, clearing what no longer serves you, promoting inner peace, relaxation and calm, increasing energy levels and strengthening intuition and connection to your higher self.

Are you ready to:

  • Cleanse and Clear the Aura (the energy field around your physical body)
  • Clear and balance any blocks in your energy centres / chakras
  • Release old patterns of self-limitation, emotional blocks & suppressed emotions that come up for clearing and healing
  • Clear any past life issues holding you back in this life
  • Dissolve unwanted energy chords / attachments
  • Heal the inner child
  • Receive healing light frequencies and energy to any physical or emotional issues you are having
  • Be free to shine your light, be your best self and take your energy, vitality and success to new heights



1x Session £77

2x Sessions £111  (only £55.50 per session, discount only available when £111 is paid in advance)

You will receive a report via email within 48 hours of your session explaining what came up for clearing, or if you prefer a telephone consultation we can schedule that in straight after your session.


Disclaimer: Always consult a medical professional for acute medical problems or infections.