Quantum Energy Healing





These powerful sessions can be carried out remotely (via distant /remote healing), at an agreed date and time, or in-person in Upton-by-Chester, and can be combined with Reiki for a powerful energy healing and clearing when in-person.

In each session, I will work on facilitating the healing on multi-dimensional levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually, clearing what no longer serves you, promoting inner peace, relaxation and calm, increasing energy levels and strengthening intuition and connection to your higher self.


Are you ready to:

  • Cleanse and Clear the Aura (the energy field around your physical body)
  • Clear and balance any blocks in your energy centres / chakras
  • Release old patterns of self-limitation and emotional blocks & suppressed emotions that come up for clearing and healing
  • Clear any past life issues holding you back in this life
  • Dissolve unwanted energy chords and /or energy attachments
  • Heal the inner child
  • Receive healing light frequencies and energy to any physical or emotional issues you are having
  • Increase you clarity, vitality, energy levels, energy vibration, inner calm and intuition
  • Feel free to shine your light, be your best self and take your energy, vitality and success to new heights



1x 45 Minute Session £55

1x 75 Minute Session £88

For in-person appointments in Upton-by-Chester the session includes time for a chat after your session about what came up for healing and clearing. For distant / remote healing sessions you will receive a voice recorded message within 24 hours of your session explaining what came up for clearing.




Disclaimer: Always consult a medical professional for acute medical conditions, infections or serious mental health issues.