Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy

If you would like to get to the root cause of any emotional blocks, fears and limiting beliefs holding you back and free yourself from them, then why not try a Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy 2 hour session. Included in the price is your personalised transformational hypno-heal recording, which is an essential part of the therapy, as the mind learns by repetition. So by listening everyday for 28 days post session, you upgrade your mindset with new positive powerful suggestions, praise and affirmations, resulting in new positive thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

Investment in You: £144

Discount available for Teenagers 17 and under, full time students, unemployed & very low income.

Sometimes only 1 session is needed, however some issues need upto 3 sessions.

Email: [email protected] to book a free discovery call to see if this is for you, or if you would like to go ahead then please email and book a session. 2 hour sessions are available from my peaceful garden therapy room in Upton-by-Chester or can be done online via Zoom and is just as powerful.